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What is Software Testing

Actually what is Software Testing? This is the most important question to start with.
Why to Test Your Software?

Even the most carefully planned and designed software, cannot possibly be free of defects. Your goal as a quality engineer is to find these defects. This requires creating and executing many tests.

In order for software testing to be successful, you should start the Software Testing process as soon as possible. Each new version must be tested in order to ensure that "improvements" do not generate new defects.
If you begin Software Testing only shortly before an application is scheduled for release, you will not have time to detect and repair many serious defects. Thus by Software Testing ahead of time, you can prevent problems for your users and avoid costly delays.

Let us derive the main definition for Software Testing.

I.Identifying the defects in Software Testing.
what does this defect mean in Software Testing?
The main purpose of Software Testing is to identify the defects.
Defect:-A flow in a component or system that can cause the component or system to fail to perform its required function.

Check also Fault,Failure Error,Bug etc.

Fault:- Fault is similar to a defect.
Failure:-Deviation of the component or system from its expected delivery,service or result.
Error:-A human action that produces an incorrect result.
Bug:- Bug is similar to that of an defect.

II.Isolate the defects.
Isolating means seperation or dividing the defects.
These isolated defects are collected in the
Defect Profile

What is Defect Profile Document?
a.Defect Profile is a document with many columns in Software Testing.
b.This is a template provided by the company.

III.Subjected for rectification
The Defect Profile is subjected for rectification that means it is send to developer

IV.Defects are rectified
After getting from the developer make sure all the defects are rectified,
before defining it as a
Quality product.

What is Quality in Testing?
Quality is defined as justification of user requirements or satisfaction of user requirements.

When all the 4 steps are completed we can say that Software Testing is completed.
Now Let Us Write A Proper Definition For Testing:--

This is the process in which the defects are identified, isolated ,
and subjected for rectification and finally make sure that all the defects are rectified ,
in order to ensure that the product is a Quality product.

Objective of Software Testing



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