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User Acceptance Testing(UAT)

Overview of User Acceptance Testing
1.User Acceptance Testing is a key feature of Project implementation.
2.User Acceptance Testing(UAT) is the formal means by which Company ensures that the new system actually meets the essential user requirements.
3.Each module implemented will be subject to one or more user acceptance tests before sign off.
4.This UAT Plan describes the test scenarios, test conditions, and test cycles that must be performed to ensure that acceptance testing follows a precise schedule and that the system is thoroughly tested before releasing.
5. The acceptance procedure ensures the intermediate or end-result supplied meets the users' expectations by asking questions such as:

6.In UAT, the software is tested for compliance with business rules as defined in the Software Requirement Specifications and the Detailed Design documents.
7.UAT also allows designated personnel to observe how the application will behave under business functional operational conditions.
User Acceptance Testing Team
The UAT team will be assigned the following tasks:

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