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Organizations take a variety of approaches to documenting test cases; these range from developing detailed, recipe-like steps to writing general descriptions. In detailed test cases, the steps describe exactly how to perform the test. In descriptive test cases, the tester decides at the time of the test how to perform the test and what data to use.

Most organizations prefer detailed test cases because determining pass or fail criteria is usually easier with this type of case. In addition, detailed test cases are reproducible and are easier to automate than descriptive test cases. This is particularly important if you plan to compare the results of tests over time, such as when you are optimizing configurations. Detailed test cases are more time-consuming to develop and maintain. On the other hand, test cases that are open to interpretation are not repeatable and can require debugging, consuming time that would be better spent on testing.

When planning your tests, remember that it is not feasible to test everything. Instead of trying to test every combination, prioritize your testing so that you perform the most important tests those that focus on areas that present the greatest risk or have the greatest probability of occurring first.

Once the Test Lead prepared the Test Plan, the role of individual testers will start from the preparation of Test Cases for each level in the Software Testing like Unit Testing, Integration Testing, System Testing and User Acceptance Testing and for each Module.

To prepare these Test Cases each organization uses their own standard template, an ideal template is providing below to prepare Test Cases
The Name of this Test Case Document itself follows some name convention like below so that by seeing the name we can identify the Project Name and Version Number and Date of Release.

Project Name-----Test Cases-----Ver No-----Release Date

Test cases are
Effective--Find Faults
Exemplary--represents others
Evolvable--easy to maintain
Economic--cheap to use
There are many Test cases written and here are some of the sample test cases

Sample Test Cases for Calculator

Sample Test Cases To Verify The Functionality Of Home Page

Sample Test Cases for Login Button

Sample Test Cases for Notepad


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