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Stages of Life Cycle in Software Testing

Let us discuss in detail.

The following diagram is the Requirements Management Stage.
Requirements Stage

Project development will start from the Requirement Management stage with the Documents like Project Proposal, Statement of Work, User Requirement Document, Business Rules and Software works product. Development team analyzes and manages the requirements and final output of Requirements Management stage is System Requirement Specification Document, Requirements Traceability Matrix and Updated Project Data Collection Sheet

Design Stage

The Design stage will start has the inputs Software Requirement Document, Detailed Design Document Template, Requirements Traceability Matrix, Software Project Plan, Software Configuration Management Plan, Software Measurements/Metrics Plan and Software Quality Assurance Plan. Based on these documents he will develop and maintain Software Design according to the Software process and software Requirements and they will verify and document Software Design. Final output of this Design stage in SDLC is Detailed Design document, Updated Requirements Traceability Matrix, Unit Test Cases Document, Integration test cases document, System test plan document, Review and SQA audit reports for all test cases and Updated Project Data Collection Sheet.

Coding and Unit Testing

this stage is pure technical in SDLC where Development Team use their skills in programming to implement the project. Implementation Plan/Programming Specification, Detailed Design Document, Software Project Plan, Software Configuration Management Plan, Software Measurement/Metrics plan, Software Quality Assurance Plan, Naming & coding conventions/standards, Unit Test Cases, Code Review Checklists, Utilities and Tools are the inputs for this stage and based on that they will Develop, maintain and verify the Software code. Final output of this stage is Executable Code, Unit Test Reports, Code Review Reports and Project Data Collection Sheet and source code for all individual modules. Peer Reviews conducted on source code and Unit testing will be completed. Some times the unit testing will be done by the Developers, who develop the code for the Modules(that based on Organization). In some organizations there is separate White-box testing team they will test the Logic, Error handling paths, all possible paths, Data Structures.



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