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Software Testing-Manual Vs Automation

Manual vs Automation Testing

Here quick Comparasion Manual vs Automation Testing

Manual Testing Automation Testing
Manual Testing is not always reliable. Using this method of test execution is not accurate when testers have to verify the same scenario 20 times. Automation testing performs the same operation each time.
Manual testing executed in rgeression testing might not catch defects for frequently changing requriments. Automation testing is Very helpful with regressions in testing where code changes frequently.
Manual testing executed will be useful when the testcase only needs to run once or twice. Automation testing is very useful when frequently executing the set of test cases.
With manual testing, testing on differenct machines with diffrent OS platform combinations cannot be done concurrently. Executing each task requires different testers Automation testing can also be done on diffrent machines with diffrent OS platform combinations, concurrently.
It is very helpful in UI testing. Sometimes it's not helpful for UI testing.
Executing the Build Verification Testing is very mundance and tiresome in Manual Testing. Automation testing is very useful for automating the Build Verification Testing and It is not overly mundane or tiresome.


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